Trastia Genomics

Indonesia private laboratory service of genomic research and development for medical, agriculture and other research.

We are currently open to any kind of partnerships and projects. Please let us know how we might help you!

Welcome to Our Lab!

Trastia Genomic Laboratory works for research and development of molecular and genetics fields. We provide information, technology and service as solution for your problem. We started the operation as provider of Covid-19 molecular diagnosis in early 2021. Over 10,000 samples were successfully analyzed by our lab. 

We are expanding our research services into higher tech-based, such as next generation sequencing and high-throughput genotyping in Healthcare, Agricultural, and other Research purposes. 

Our Services

We serve you with our latest services available and will keep you updated for any improvements!

DNA/RNA Extraction and Purification

gDNA/RNA extraction for any kind of samples (e.g. plants, microbes, and virus). We provide manual extraction method and express/automatic. As for purifications, we provide ethanol wash and magnetic beads method.

High and Low Throughput qPCR Analysis

qPCR/RT-PCR analysis for SNP Genotyping and other analysis. We provide report and analysis for Agriculture and Healthcare diagnosis.

Next-Generation Sequencing

We provide DNA/RNA metagenome sequencing, whole genome sequencing, whole exome sequencing, and targeted sequencing.

Data Analysis

We provide data analysis and consultation for sequencing and PCR data, specifically for Agriculture and Healthcare.

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